Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vanishing from the landscape

Not too many of these left.

Cell phones, smart phones, and other devices make this a rare sight in 2012.

Consider that the current generation already doesn't know what a rotary phone or a party line is.

The phone booth isn't even a booth any more.

It is part of a vanishing landscape.

This is Oklahoma.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lead me to the cross

It is as if the line of clouds

Began on the horizon

And arrived at the cross.

Perhaps bringing prayers that one day

We all arrive at the cross.

This is Oklahoma.

Sailor take warning

Red sky in the morning,

Sailor take warning....

Or it could just be Oklahoma.

This is Oklahoma.

God's brushstrokes

Sometimes we get to see the majesty of the creation
A sunrise
A sunset
A grand canyon
A full moon
A Sea that goes beyond the horizon

What masterpieces!

And sometimes we get to see God's brushstrokes...