Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oklahoma's Evergreens

Wheat fields are green in the winter,

Brown in the summer.

Pasture land is green in the summer,

Brown in the winter.

But Oklahoma has its evergreens,

Cedar and sage are Oklahoma's evergreens.

This is Oklahoma.

The sun and the cross

It is the most photographed sight in Burns Flat.

Yet is new every time.

The sun and the cross.

The Son and the cross.

Thank God for the Son and the cross.

This is Oklahoma.

Give me a home...

Give me a home 

Where the buffalo roam.

Well these are not roaming, but they colorfully remind us of a time when they did.

West of Oklahoma City with clouds rolling in on a June day.

This is Oklahoma.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


These were taken after the Barry Manilow concert.  Yes, I was there.

Soon and very soon, the downtown OKC area will once again be filled with OKC Thunder fans.

This is Oklahoma.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Mangum Alumni Parade 2012

Hot day in May 2012.

Airmen march with colors.

Alumni ride with their classes.

Kids chase candy and beads thrown from passing vehicles.

This is Oklahoma.

Quartz Mountain Resort short on water but not wind

View from the lodge...

The water is far off now.

And much down from the norm.

But it doesn't slow the boaters down.

A full value wind.

This is Oklahoma.

Tigger says "Life is good!"


Stray dogs...




Bugs galore...

My own table top...

This is the life!

So this is Oklahoma???

West of Mangum

Dry ground offers color to the day.

Farm to market road looks west to Mangum.

Roadside vegetation offers its own display.

Some things thrive where others wither.

Blooms continue into late May.

This is Greer County.

This is Oklahoma.

June Sunrise

A new month and a new sun.

Bright light fighting through the last of the clouds.

This is Oklahoma.

Clouds slow to say goodbye

The evening's rain is slow in saying "goodbye."

Light tries to find its way to the earth.

Rays slice through the clouds one by one.

Some seem to come from a different direction.

This is Oklahoma.