Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Just a note, now that I'm gone...

I only had to work for a few minutes,
Then I was set for the rest of my life.
Rescued from prison and death,
I would no longer scrounge to survive.

I put my best foot forward,
And tried to look like a family pet.
But I was always wild at heart,
Finding food where others hadn’t scrounged yet.

But I was captured and imprisoned,
My fate was in your hands.
You could have walked on by and said,
This one surely won’t obey our commands.

But you took a chance on me anyway,
You even thought that I was a boy.
Your house became my bathroom,
And what wasn’t tied down, my toy.

That’s just to say there was some adjusting,
To this civilized life and all.
Not that I was complaining, mind you,
But I loved racing down the hall.

I soon learned my boundaries,
And only broke them once in a while.
And who can blame a dog for getting out on trash day,
That’s gotta make you smile.

Sometimes I wondered if you had left me,
When you were gone for days and days.
But I kept the faith and waited,
Hoping you would bring me something from far away.

You’ve never known anyone quite like me.
I jumped four feet straight up.
Then couldn’t find the scrap of meat before me,
I felt like giving up.

The other dogs called me human challenged.
I guess I deserved that tag,  somewhat.
I tried my best to sit on the sofa,
Even though you took my favorite spot.

By dog years I was pushin’ ninety,
I was no spring chicken you see.
But I was always glad to see you,
Even if you were still upset with me.

Yes, I had my share of accidents.
I’m was not a quick study so they say.
But I would still run twenty laps for you,
To start off every day.

Yes, I know that you miss me.
But the cancer had taken its toll.
You know that I was going blind and deaf,
I could barely find my bowl.

So it’s okay that I’m gone now.
I was family for a while.
And for the time I knew you.
I hope I made you smile.

From my perspective, things were good.
I had a home, good food, and no strife.
That’s not bad for an abandoned dog,
I can most surely say, that I had lived the life!


Sea Air Uh

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